Our Kitchens Philosophy

Alebrije has a milpa to table philosophy with as many of our ingredients as possible. Our masa, which is the heart of our cooking, is made with heirloom varietals of corn or wheat. The corn is all farmed on a milpa by small scale traditional farmers and many of the varietals which we receive are ultra local strains of corn. They can come from many of the states in Mexico, but the most common ones are: Oaxaca, and Estado de Mexico.

Our beans are sourced from the same places as our corn and are varietals that are no longer common in industrialized farming. The Sonoran Wheat used for our flour tortillas or any traditional breads that we make in house. It is one of the oldest strains of wheat in the Americas brought to the Sonoran desert by Padre Eusebio Kino. We suspect it was the original wheat used in the elaboration of flour tortillas and are currently doing more research to see if we can be sure. Our White Sonora grain is grown by family farmers who are members of the Akimel O’Odham (Gila River Pima) Native American Community — a certified organic farm that is committed to ideals of sustainable stewardship of our natural resources for those of future generations. It is ground on demand whenever we order flour and shipped directly to us.

Our beef and pork are sourced locally at all times except for when our local partners have some disruption in supply. We are currently working to grow our relationship with Moovin Ridge Farm out of Amana to source more of our meats from them for the ultimate in local meats. In our opinion their heritage breeds of pork, beef, lamb etc have the best quality of meat available locally.

Our produce is sourced in the most fresh and responsible way possible. Growing seasons, specialty fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices make it impossible to source everything locally but we do our best.

We hope you enjoy our innovative and responsible approach to traditional mexican cooking.



Heirloom Corn, Beans, Cal and other milpa to table Mexican Ingredients

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About Alebrije

Alebrije is an idea born many years ago in the minds of our family when we moved from Mexico to the USA. Hector Weber, my father, always had the idea to bring those flavors which we missed so much to a restaurant in the USA. After more than a couple of decades of talking about it the Weber family and the Fuentes family have come together to present Alebrije. A modern Mexican restaurant that is truly rooted in the flavors of Mexico. Our menu has a true Milpa to Table philosophy with as many of our dishes as possible. From our heirloom Mexican corn and beans to our variety of heirloom Mexican peppers you are sure to taste the true flavors of our land. We also source many of our meats and seafood from responsible Mexican producers. Anything not sourced in Mexico is sourced as responsibly as possible here in the USA. We see ourselves as stewards of the land and therefor make decisions with a penchant for protecting the environment.

The Atmosphere of Alebrije is modern yet traditional. Everything you see in our restaurant was built by the hands of Mexican artisans and craftsmen. Stop in and enjoy our in house built furniture, artisanal rugs, hammocks, and of course hand crafted Alebrijes from the village of San Martin Tilcajete in Oaxaca Mexico.

Stop in and enjoy upscale Mexican street fare and regional dishes as well as an industry leading bar program.